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Bobby Blotzer was Backe thern ar ratt person a highly desirable player in the L. At the same time as he joined Ratt, tons of offers were pouring in from top European bands, as well as from local bands who wanted Blotzer to do session work for them. Oddly enough, Bobby started out as a guitarist back when he was 16 or Soon he began outplaying every hard rock drummer in the L. Despite his long list of credits, Bobby is only 27 years old.

But Bobby is a modest guy, despite the fact that he has a great Backe thern ar ratt person of attention from fans and other players lavished upon him. What got you interested in drumming in the first place? A friend of mine started playing guitar at the same time as I did, and he was kicking my ass.

So we just switched, and I began practicing drums every day. I quit school in the ninth grade and just kept practicing. It was a mixture of Silvertone, Gretsch and a couple of Rogers toms. I had silver sparkle, orange sparkle, green sparkle—all mixed. It looked pretty dumb. I had really trashy cymbals: Zildjians that were 50 years old and all cracked up.

Thank God I got a deal with Paiste in There are really good people there. When I was Before that, I would be playing three gigs a month and making nothing.

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By playing Top, I learned a valuable lesson. I was playing six or seven sets a night, and just exhausting myself. Can you tell me about the groups you were in before Ratt? I went down to the audition for Vergat and all these guys were trying out, including Frankie Banali, and Jan Uvena from Alcatrazz. I went to Europe with Vergat and just stayed over there for a little while.

After touring with him, I did two tours with Nazareth over the period of a year. The tour wound up over here, and then Backe thern ar ratt person around Christmastime, I got a call saying that I was fired from the band. After I got that phone call, I started doing some local session work in L. I knew Stephen [Pearcy, lead singer], and I had seen the guys play before. I knew there was talent, but the drummer "Backe thern ar ratt person" the bass player they had were just horrible—really bad!

Anyway, Juan [Croucier, bassist] drove me down to the audition in his truck. He was getting ready to go out of town to play with a Top band in Arizona. This was when Ratt was rehearsing in a garage. I went in and played with them, and then I started packing up my equipment. When they got me in the band, I got rid of the bass player. I still see him occasionally. Then we got Juan. What made you persist through all the dues that Ratt had to pay?

I just did what I had to do. Once, indirectly, I got a call from Krokus, and I got a call from Saxon. There was just no way! We were starving in Ratt, but we were all like brothers. Nobody knows what the future will bring, but what has held us together is the fact that we love what we do. If you want to be one of the Backe thern ar ratt person millions of LPs and playing at large arenas—you have to stay together.

Yeah, I always wanted to join a band that looked Backe thern ar ratt person Ratt. The members of Ratt look like rock stars. We know how to rock, how to party, and how to show someone a good time.

We took five weeks off, then went on to Europe, came home for one week, and then headlined in Japan for one week. Juan has a mini-studio that he carries around with him all the time. On our days off, he brings that into his room and records new stuff. I went in there and fried the last song Juan was working on. I laid down the weirdest beat I could think of and had about 9, tracks of percussion behind it.

Thank God it was under warranty! That happened in Hawaii. The last tour ended in Hawaii, and we stayed there for two weeks. We went over to Maui, where we just relaxed and wrote music.

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We had condos on the beach—right on the sand. You said earlier that, in the beginning, the guys in Ratt were like brothers. For example, if someone Backe thern ar ratt person late to an appointment or show, we have a docking system. Juan is incurably late.

Everyone just rags on everybody else. Yeah, but I live right at the beach, and the people are very, well, beachy. Is it hard on your personal life to be on the road all the time? My wife, Jenny, is hip to it. I miss my wife. I miss my pad. I miss my privacy. Be on the lookout…. But when we were on the first leg of the tour, we were performing six nights a week.

But I love being on the road; I really do. Yeah, I am health-conscious.

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When you get room service, you get the same junk in every city. This is thin for me! I weigh now what I weighed when I was I went through my drug stage when I was really young.

With the schools Backe thern ar ratt person went to, you had no choice. It was a real peer-pressure thing. Kids are smarter these days, I guess. Kids I meet seem to be a little more hip than we were when we were growing up. Would you consider yourself to be the typical all-American? I was totally into baseball, football, etc.

I was the total American guy. But for some reason, I do get nervous right before my solos come up. I get this weird feeling, like the beater is going to fall out of the pedal or something. Our stage is really big this year, and we have ramps that go up over here and over there. Well, I have some percussion stuff programmed into the Simmons setup Backe thern ar ratt person the show.

Dean Markley, size 9R, which is kind of like a 2B. I just take the figure that I would do with my left foot on the hi-hat and apply it to the second bass drum. I basically did it to make the kit look bigger. Everyone in the band had been begging me to do it ever since I joined the band. We were, but we were having a problem with other Simmons triggering. I feel bad; I bet Phil Collins knows what he uses. Do you use the same setup in the studio as you do for live work?

You already said that you only use one bass drum in the studio. Well, on the last two records we used Simmons toms instead of regular toms, because it was a quick way to get a sound that I liked.

We used my kick, my snare, my cymbals, and Simmons toms. For the last Backe thern ar ratt person, I bought a Ludwig brass snare from Myron Grombacher that sounds great.

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What was your first experience with the Simmons drums like? Weird, because it was like playing on tabletops. That was when they first came out, and they had the real hard pads. I think we can all empathize with the man who pulled a rat out of his pocket smuggle a live rat into the restaurant in your track pants, and then, "He picked his food up and found a seat at a table on his own at the back of the restaurant. arArabic; esArgentina; enAsia; enAustralia; deAustria; nlBelgium.

Rats then ingest the parasite when they consume food or water contaminated with cat feces. The parasite takes up residence in the rat's brain. Oddly enough, Bobby started out as a guitarist back when he was 16 or But when AR: Can you tell me about the groups you were in before Ratt? BB: I was in Don Dokken's band for two years, and then Vic Vergat's band. He's this We know how to rock, how to party, and how to show someone a good time.

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