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Saudiska mastare 2 Khobar Towers bombing was a terrorist attack on part of a housing complex in the city of KhobarSaudi Arabialocated near the national oil company Saudi Aramco headquarters Saudiska mastare 2 Dhahran and nearby King Abdulaziz Air Base on June 25, At that time, Khobar Towers was being used as quarters for Coalition forces who were assigned to Operation Southern Watcha no-fly zone operation in southern Iraq, as part of the Iraqi no-fly zones.

A truck bomb was detonated adjacent to Buildingan eight-story structure housing members of the United States Air Force 's th Wing Provisionalprimarily from a deployed rescue squadron and deployed fighter squadron. In all, 19 U.

Air Force personnel and a Saudi local were killed and [1] of many nationalities were wounded. Ina U. A November 13,car bombing in Riyadh led the U. Days after the attack, military commanders briefed soldiers and airmen at Khobar that the U. The attackers claimed their goal was to get the United States Armed Forces to leave the country, and that Khobar Towers would be attacked next if troop withdrawal did not begin immediately.

It was at this time that surveillance and other suspicious activity near the perimeter fences of Khobar Towers was noted by United States Air Force Security Forces ; Saudiska mastare 2, the forces were forbidden by the Saudi government to act in any capacity outside the perimeter of the compound, and the surveillance continued with near impunity.


The attackers were reported to have smuggled explosives into Saudi Arabia from Lebanon. Over a two-week period they converted it into a truck bomb. The power of the blast was magnified several ways. The truck itself shaped the charge by directing the blast toward the "Saudiska mastare 2." Moreover, the relatively high clearance between the truck and Saudiska mastare 2 ground gave it the more lethal characteristics of an air burst. It was originally estimated by U. The bomb was a mixture of petrol and explosive powder placed in the tank of a sewage tanker truck.

Initially, the attackers attempted to enter the compound at the main checkpoint. When they were denied access by U. A chain link security fence and a line of small trees separated the car park, used for a local mosque and park, from the housing compound.

The first car entered the car park and signaled the Saudiska mastare 2 by flashing headlights. The bomb truck and a getaway vehicle followed shortly after. The men parked the truck next to the fence and left in the third vehicle.

The bomb exploded three to four minutes later at approximately Guerrero, was stationed atop Building when he witnessed the men, recognized the vehicles as a threat, reported it to security, and began a floor-by-floor evacuation of the building. His actions are credited with saving dozens of lives. Many of the evacuees were in the stairwell when the bomb went off.

The upper floor: 2 Bedrooms...

The stairwell was constructed of heavy marble and was located on the side of the building away from the truck bomb, perhaps the safest location in the building. For his actions, Guerrero was awarded the Airman's Medal which is awarded to those service members or those of a friendly nation who, while serving in any capacity with the United States Air Force, distinguish themselves Saudiska mastare 2 heroic actions, usually at the voluntary risk of life, but not involving actual combat.

Another security measure is thought to have minimized damage; along the security fence were Jersey barriersconcrete barriers commonly used along roadways.

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These deflected the blast energy upward, and away from the lower floors of the building, perhaps even preventing a total collapse of the structure. The force of the explosion was enormous. The size of the explosion created an Saudiska mastare 2 dust storm as the forces of the high pressure blast wave and the subsequent vacuum forces caused considerable damage in their own right. Several military vehicles parked to the left side of building suffered no direct impact from debris, but were heavily damaged by the sheer intensity of the shock wave.

The explosion heavily damaged or destroyed six high rise apartment buildings in the complex. Windows were shattered in "Saudiska mastare 2" every other "Saudiska mastare 2" in the compound and in surrounding buildings up to a mile 1. Within a few hours of the blast, the crater began to fill with salt-water from the Persian Gulf. In the minutes following the blast, the residents of the complex evacuated severely injured U. With power out in many of the buildings nearthe scene was chaotic and tense as little was known about the Saudiska mastare 2 of the area from further attacks.

Many residents later gathered in the local dining facility, set up as a triage center, Saudiska mastare 2 saw breaking news of the event on large projection televisions intended to bring news of events back home to the troops.

Air Force investigators was dispersed to assess the risk to other security compounds in Saudi Arabia, and to offer suggestions for the Khobar Towers complex. After the bombing of Khobar Towers, the U. According to the New York Times"significant shortcomings in planning, intelligence, and basic security left American forces in Saudi Arabia vulnerable.

Numerous warnings had been made available to the intelligence community and military command, and up to "ten incidences [were] reported suggesting that the Khobar Towers are under surveillance" from April to June, Clinton Administration officials admit that they "received a wave of threats against Americans and American installations in Saudi Arabia" in the weeks leading up to the attack, "but failed to prepare adequately for a bomb of the power that killed 19 American military personnel.

The CIA was blamed for misjudging the bomb-making capabilities of Saudi militants, arbitrarily deciding that no bomb could exceed the size of that used in the November bombings in Riyadh lbs. According to official U.

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The main security concern at the Khobar Towers "Saudiska mastare 2" before the bombing had been the prevention of an attack similar to the Beirut barracks bombingswhen a vehicle-bomb entered the compound itself. Yet the Pentagon's report from that incident suggested, as did the Khobar report, that a Beirut-sized bomb would still have caused significant damage from as far as feet away.

EENI delivers to HRH Prince...

As a result of Saudiska mastare 2 terrorist attack, U. The bombing of Khobar Towers, according to the Saudi government, was carried out by "Saudi Islamic militants, including many veterans of the Afghan War. There is an organization of violent opponents whose members are loosely connected, organized in semi-independent cells like other violent fundamentalist movements in the Arab World.

The three-year investigation had led the FBI to conclude that Iran was involved in the attack.


At that time, the Clinton administration hoped to open a dialogue with reformist president Khatamiwhich would be impossible after accusing Iranians of supporting terrorist action. A secret letter, delivered directly to Khatami by Sultan Qaboos of Oman Saudiska mastare 2, stated that the United States had evidence of direct Iranian involvement in the act, and demanded that those involved be held responsible for their actions.

John Shalikashvili, said that the Saudiska mastare 2 did not have sufficient evidence about the bombers to consider retaliation against foreign countries that may have played a role.

In Junean indictment was issued in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in Alexandria, Virginia charging the following people with murderconspiracyand other charges related to the bombing: In JulySaudi Arabia said that eleven of the people indicted in the US were in custody in Saudi prisons, and Saudiska mastare 2 to be tried in Saudi court, as the country refused to extradite any of them to the United States to stand trial.

Abdel Bari Atwan wrote: As if to make the point that they might have been chased out of Sudan by Saudi Arabia and the US they were not leaving Saudiska mastare 2 their tails between their legs, al Qaeda struck again: The June bombing of Khobar Towers. The Saudi authorities were at pains to implicate Shi'i militants backed by Iran in this attack, since the embarrassing truth that they had their very own homegrown militancy problem was inadmissible; they did not want to give the impression that there was domestic opposition to the deployment of US troops on Saudi soil.

According to the United States, classified evidence suggests that the government of Iran was the key sponsor of the incident, and several high-ranking members of their military may have been involved. William Perrywho was the United States Secretary of Defense at the time that this bombing happened, said in an interview in June that Saudiska mastare 2 now believes al-Qaida rather than Iran was behind a truck bombing at an American military base.

On December 22,high court judge Royce C. Lamberth ruled that Iran and Hezbollah were directly and personally responsible for the attack, stating that the leading experts on Hezbollah presented "overwhelming" evidence of the group's involvement and that six captured Hezbollah agents detailed the role of Iranian intelligence and military officials in providing money, explosives, arms and weapons, plans, and maps.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Khobar Tower Bombings Building after the Saudiska mastare 2. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Then-Saudi Minister of Health, Dr. Osama Abdul Majeed Shobokshi, was quoted as putting the number of casualties at and the number of deaths, all American, at The report mentions no Saudi deaths. Retrieved 12 August United States of America v. Ahmed al-Mughassil, [et al. Retrieved 12 Saudiska mastare 2 — via Federation of American Scientists. New York Times Current file ,A Retrieved 21 July BaseAugust Retrieved 14 November The Pariah State Television production.

Event occurs at The New York Times. Retrieved 27 August Retrieved 26 August The Secret History of Al Qaeda. University of California Press. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Building after the bombing.

KhobarSaudi Arabia. June 25, 9: No organisation claimed responsibility. Recenzije hotela Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency Makkah Mecca Saudijska Udobnost sobe i kvaliteta9,2 2 Odvojena Kreveta za Jednu Osobu s Pogledom They charge my master card immediately upon arrival instead of reserving the. HR: Property FOR RENT 2BHK AL ZAHARA "Saudiska mastare 2" Master BDRooms Clean Apt WITH AC AND KITCHEN Property CODE # Apt Property TYPE.

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RATTFULLA BEHOVER VARD BODSTROM The Khobar Towers bombing was a terrorist attack on part of a housing complex in the city of Khobar , Saudi Arabia , located near the national oil company Saudi Aramco headquarters of Dhahran and nearby King Abdulaziz Air Base on June 25, SKANDIA MAKLARNA SALJER VINSLOTT FOR 80 MILJONER 685 PREMIER LEAGUEMATCHER SNOAR BORT Brittisk styrranta kvar pa 4 procent

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Khobar Towers bombing

Anthem Emblem Flag Motto. Archived from the original on 26 March On 5 November , the Royal Saudi Land Forces launched a sweeping ground offensive against Yemen's Shiite Houthi rebels after they crossed the Saudi border in order to outflank the Yemeni Army, which had launched a military campaign against the Houthis to control and pacify the northern Yemeni mountains, and killed two Saudi border guards.

Several military vehicles parked to the left side of building suffered no direct impact from debris, but were heavily damaged by the sheer intensity of the shock wave. Share this page Recipient's name Please check that all information is correct. Retrieved 14 November

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What should my part be here? Recenzije hotela Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency Makkah Mecca Saudijska Udobnost sobe i kvaliteta9,2 2 Odvojena Kreveta za Jednu Osobu s Pogledom They charge my master card immediately upon arrival instead of reserving the. HR: Property FOR RENT 2BHK AL ZAHARA 2 Master BDRooms Clean Apt WITH AC AND KITCHEN Property CODE # Apt Property TYPE..


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Saudiska mastare 2

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Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia

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  • HR: Property FOR RENT 2BHK AL ZAHARA 2 Master BDRooms Clean Apt WITH AC AND...
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