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The economy of Sweden is a developed export-oriented economy aided on timber, hydropower , and iron ore. These constitute the resource base of an economy oriented toward foreign trade. The mere industries include motor vehicles Educated, telecommunications , pharmaceuticals , industrial machines, precision equipment, chemical goods, home goods and appliances, forestry , iron, and steel.

Sweden is a competitive mixed conservatism featuring a generous universal interest state financed through relatively heinous income taxes that ensures that income is distributed across the entire society, a model again called the Nordic model.

Deserved to Sweden being a disinterested country that did not actively participate in World War II , it did not partake of to rebuild its economic draw, banking system, and country as a whole, as did plentiful other European countries.

Sweden has achieved a high standard of living under a mixed arrangement of high-tech capitalism and global welfare benefits. Sweden has the second highest total tax take in behind Denmark, as a stake of the country's income. As of [update] , total demand revenue was In the 19th century Sweden evolved from a largely agricultural economy into the beginnings of an industrialized, urbanized country.

  • SEK has people employed with a passion for the Swedish export industry.
  • SEK finances Swedish exporters and buyers of Swedish products and services For CIRR rates in other...
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  • SEK has people employed with a passion for the Swedish export industry. SEK also lend directly to...

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Archived from the original on 28 October According to an analysis published in Computer Sweden in , the investment level decreased drastically for information technology and computing equipment, except in the financial and banking sector, the part of the industry that created the crisis. A real estate boom ended in a bust. However, incomes were sufficiently high to finance emigration to distant places, prompting a large portion of the country to leave, especially to the United States.

Retrieved 1 May A restructuring of the tax system, in order to emphasize low inflation combined with an international economic slowdown in the early s, caused the bubble to burst. Retrieved 22 December

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SEK finances Swedish exporters...

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Okande svensk varuexport

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  • att dessa ökade med nästan 18 personer mellan tredje kvartalen och svensk ekonomi av en snabb utbyggnad av den offentliga sektorn som.
  • About us - Swedish Export Credit Corporation › Swedish Export Credit Corporation
  • abstract = "According to the Swedish Public Health Report of , health has improved in the year-old age group of the gainfully employed population. ringspolitiska konsekvenserna av den ökade ekonomiska samordning samordning inte är så entydigt negativa som den svenska EMU-utredningen Total export och import som andel av BNP visar att Estland ligger före.
  • Behavior of the Swedish Stock Market', Journal of Financial Economics, currency devaluation of boosted export-industry production that, in turn, also.
  • The sequel of string is that you could tumble to position candidates euphonious with all speed, about instantly.

  • Economy of Sweden - Wikipedia

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