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Rattan Furniture

Hi Val, Yes Metro seems to be have many good offers: Easy to clean and care Raw material is resistant to UV rays Shockproof Maintenance-free No decaying Durable and resistant Not affected by heat or cold Not damaged by larvaes.

They delivered it, think they charged about 20TL payable to the driver on delivery. We have a plain white table and plastic chairs which we have had for 7 years which are still looking pretty good. We expected a least a day or two so were well pleased: Do Metro have some kind transport-service?

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  1. Due to the various colors and models rattan garden furniture had taken right place among the alternatives and currently being used by many people in their gardens, swimming pool areas, villas and on the beaches.

  2. Hello, im new to this country and to this forum, and hope i post this correct.

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Rattan & Iroko Furniture

  • Turkish Living Forums > All About Turkey > Alanya Forum We have given up on the rattan stuff due to the prices as we feel it is just too much.
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Caught red handed or text auto-correction ? The company was founded in and by following the trends of rattan garden furniture and modern production technologies had been listed as one of the leading company not only in Istanbul but also in the Mediterranean region. Operating in the sector of rattan garden furniture and. At Raritan, we sell our products and solutions exclusively through a worldwide network of partners. To ensure our partners' success, we provide marketing..

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