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Dags att tanka stort


Unfortunately, Dags att tanka stort is available only in Sweden, but here you can Dags att tanka stort a short summary of it and see some Dags att tanka stort. Grumpy Production did a great job! One can even get to know the recipe of a perfect cocktail from Micke Syd. And the yellow radio has an important role again. Even without seeing a complete concert in this docu you can relive the tour.

Provide us with a live CD, too, please! You can see PG wearing glasses in the docu for a short while. The show was recorded at the end of August and many fans could buy tickets and be there in the audience.

This will be an appetizer from the upcoming DVD. One bad thing about Swedish TV channels — understandably — competing with each other is that the GT stuff ends at Fingers crossed that both programs will be available online after they are over on TV.

Oh, one more thing! It will be a rare item it seems. Bengans informs in their newsletter that the transparent version is out on 6th December. You can contact them if you want a replacement of your black vinyl. They write they would send the clear vinyl as a replacement, not on top. They confirmed they will send us the clear version automatically, free of charge once it is on stock at them.

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Quite an interesting version if you ask me. As Gyllene Tider wrote on Facebook, Singel 2 has three verses instead of 2. Multiply it by at least 5 and you get to know how Stockholm gig was! I doubted that Ullevi can be topped, but these 5 guys made it! Incredible energy from the very first second of Dags att tanka stort show till the very end that made everyone sweat Dags att tanka stort and off stage.

There were more cameras this time, so most probably there is much more material from this show than from any other. Fingers crossed for a decent DVD. Tele2 Arena in Stockholm is a new venue. It was planned to be an open air concert, but the roof was closed. Maybe because of the short, but heavy rain in the afternoon. It was quite strange — Sommartider in an arena with a closed roof…, huh? Anyway, the 5 energy bombs on stage rocked it big time.

Sound of the arena surely needs to be improved, though, as the echo was frustrating.

Dags att tänka på refrängen...

It was good when the crowd was singing along, but a bit annoying when Per was singing. Fortunately, there was less echo in the front. Approximately fans attended the show. But who needs any surprises when you get to attend a gig like this??? Juni, juli, augusti 3. Man blir yr 7. Min tjej och jag 9.


Kung av sand Hon vill ha Puls I had a fantastic Dags att tanka stort summer and 7 unforgettable gigs. I wish all of you who are still on tour to enjoy it to the full. The Fab Five deserve all attention, sing-along, clapping, shouting, jumping and waving and even more! Hats off to Show Security Sweden! Go to other countries and show them how to do it! Thanx for all your support so far and during the rest of the tour.

All of them were really fresh and enjoyed every second on stage. For me it was the most active gig so far, if we are talking about jumping, clapping, waving, etc. There was a funny stage scenewhen Micke N-S brought Per the cherry guitar.

So, after that I guess they were joking with this, because last night Micke showed to Per that the guitar was now set to the right mode and then they were laughing with Micke Syd and Per was smiling at that too. Does it ring a bell to any Roxers? Another fantastic night with Gyllene Tider! Fab Five was in top shape and in great mood and the sound was ass-kicking. As Expressen reported earlier, the capacity of the venue isbut Per wrote after the concert that crazy fans attended the gig.

So now we know why we felt so tight in there. Thank God I could hear it live! Both songs would be awesome to hear! The sound was very good and enjoyable this time, too. Front row had a great party and the whole crowd had some fantastic reactions.

Sing-along parts were looooud! By the way, it seems that the Gyllene Tider curtain has ended its career. So the Fab Five are just entering the stage from the 2 sides. The whole show was really awesome: It was so touching when Per went off stage for coming back with Marie.

Tears of happiness all around. By the time me and my friends arrived to the venue Sofiero, Helsingborgwe Dags att tanka stort already 20 fans waiting outside.

The security supervisor started telling us he would find out an organized way of how to get to the stage. Quote of the day: There were several news appearing whether one can have a picnic during the gig or not.

The final decision was that anyone who felt like bringing a picnic basket, eating and drinking wine on a blanket during the concert, they were very welcome. Still a strange tradition. After the support act, Gyllene Tider hit the stage. Maybe in the back, on the blankets it sounded better.

The one who took the cake today was definitely DJ Fritzon. We could see he enjoyed the show to the full and did a top class Farfisa magic again. Never had a chance to attend any gigs back in orbut Dags att tanka stort my time has come. What else could Dags att tanka stort ask for?

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If you like at least some of the GT tracks, you should definitely see them live one day. What energy on stage! MP and Anders are demigods of guitar playing, but just because Chris is God. It was Dags att tanka stort well-designed. As you could see on our Facebook page, we had a chance to listen a bit to the soundcheck and at the stage design for some time — until the security staff told us to please, go away.

Before the concert started, there was a big black curtain with a white Gyllene Tider logo on it, so we knew there will be an intro and of course, some adrenaline involved. And we were right. The curtain Dags att tanka stort off right after the intro.

You can hear some other...

Check the setlist section for details. During the show there was a huge, awesome background monitor, on which several designs appeared, related to the songs or just close-ups from the stage or the crowd. Thank God, I still have 6 chances to take some more Dags att tanka stort this drug with my friends this summer. It will worth it. Hallandsposten made a long and interesting interview with Per in the garden of his house in Sandhamn.

From the interview it turns out that Halmstad is the place where Per can get energy. Later he is saving all his files to computer, too. The working name of e. As Per says to Hallandsposten, in terms of percentage, the lyrics take much more time to write than music. Hallandsposten writes it was 37 years ago when Per got his first ever fan mail — from Katarina.

He says he always wanted to succeed with his art, so today he feels that there is nothing left to prove. If I would lose it, no more melodies or chords would come to my mind. Hallandsposten also asked how Mr. G can manage all the things he is doing Dags att tanka stort the same time: And then I still should check it. Dags att tänka på bröllop ?

Datum finns kvar i maj, juni och augusti. Jewelry & Watches Store · Zero Musician/Band.

Solen lyser och det börjar...

Salong Capelli · Hair Salon. Solen lyser och det börjar bli dags att tänka på att köra båge!!!! 15 mars För er som har en softail och funderar på nåt sånt här så kostar det fran att bygga om Short but very accurate info¡ Many thanks for sharing this one. Read the full story May 15, • STOCKHOLM – Gig 13 out of Dags att tanka stort of the veryvery successful Dags att tänka på refrängen – Live tour. The first gig.

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We are spoiled and we love it! So restricted that only copies discretion be available! The vinyl is featuring 2 songs from a forthcoming whomp set:. It has not at any time been released, but is loved by all Mr. Listen to the performance here. Per replied LC is a pretty seemly one. So, who knows what else shows up on the box set!

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  1. Unfortunately, it is available only in Sweden, but here you can read a short summary of it and see some screenshots.

  2. CD will be out here and there March

  3. Gyllene is the band that ceased to exist in , but has since been on three monster tours of their native Sweden, and released two full albums, among other things.

  4. During a brief period of fame in the early '80s, Gyllene Tider managed to stir up hysteria among Swedish teens, and their first two albums sold extremely well; but the band is now mainly remembered for bringing Per Gessle into the spotlight for the first time.

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Dags att tänka...

The second album, released in under the name Moderna Tider Modern Times , also enjoyed huge success, and was followed by a national tour. They have their own style and own sound. The English subtitles work well. April 26th at Some posters we even found on Instagram posted by non-Roxers who were surprised to find Roxette posters just around the corner at a not so common place for these beauties and we were happy that it worked.

I think there is a reason why Gyllene Tider is still being great. So it looks like good news for our friends in USA!

  • Dags att tänka på refrängen is a studio album by Gyllene Tider, released 24...
  • You can hear some other short GT tunes as well,...
  • Read the full story May 15, • STOCKHOLM – Gig 13 out of 19...
  • It takes a basics of nerve to brazen through those dating daub pellets fired at awesome speeds...

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  • Gyllene Tider. The Story so far In January , the group announced a new album and...
  • Dags att tänka på refrängen - Single conflicts started to build up, and for a short time bassist Janne Carlsson was the only member.
  • Dags att tänka på bröllop ? Datum finns kvar i maj, juni och augusti. Jewelry & Watches Store · Zero Musician/Band. Salong Capelli · Hair Salon. Solen lyser och det börjar bli dags att tänka på att köra båge!!!! 15 mars För er som har en softail och funderar på nåt sånt här så kostar det fran att bygga om Short but very accurate info¡ Many thanks for sharing this one.
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Dags att tanka stort


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Dags att tanka stort

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Playing hard to get, or just normal? Dags att tänka på refrängen - Single conflicts started to build up, and for a short time bassist Janne Carlsson was the only member. Solen lyser och det börjar bli dags att tänka på att köra båge!!!! 15 mars För er som har en softail och funderar på nåt sånt här så kostar det fran att bygga om Short but very accurate info¡ Many thanks for sharing this one..

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