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Paulo coelho massans stora internationella stjarna


Authors News About the Agency Contact. The decision to shut down Stilton Finland has no effect on the activities of other Nordic Stilton agencies. Over the years, Stilton has formed several translation rights publishing agreements for the authors it has represented. It has been a desired partner among both writers and publishers. Lempi by Minna Rytisalo Gummerus has magical stardust around it! Not only did we sell the German rights on pre-empt to Hanser Verlag yesterday, today we also read the wonderful news that the author Minna Rytisalo is nominated for the Debutant of the Year Prize given by Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest news paper in Finland.

Minna Rytisalo is one of ten debutants nominated for the prize. The winner will be announced 16th of November. Stilton congratulates the author Minna Rytisalo and her foreign publishers! Bordertown sold to Germany and "Paulo coelho massans stora internationella stjarna." Ilves is a pseudonym for two professional writers who joined their forces in order to create a new mesmerizing crime fiction series, Bordertown. In Frankfurt book fair the series created huge interest and we have now sold the German and Polish rights of the two first novels to Suhrkamp in Germany and Marginesy in Poland through our co-agent BookLab.

Among the international treasures of...

The TV-series is Paulo coelho massans stora internationella stjarna sold sold to the English-speaking world and Belgium. In Finland the series is called Sorjonen after the main character, chief investigator Kari Sorjonen.

Lempi by Minna Rytisalo sold to Norway. Stilton congratulates the author Paulo coelho massans stora internationella stjarna her Finnish and Norwegian publishers. Lempi by Minna Rytisalo sold to Lithuania. The novel tells a passionate story about Lempi, a woman who gets married to Viljami. The Lapland War spins the lives of people around as if it was all a game of roulette. Viljami is forced to leave his newlywed wife home with the house maid Elli and head to the battlefront.

While away Lempi leaves the home and her husband. The reader learns why through different storytellers: Thank you Frankfurt Book Fair ! We had such a lovely time with lots of interest for Stilton's authors and books. No wonder given that the table we shared was a lottery winning item from last year.

Remember, the one that Tiina won one year ago by arguing that Lisbeth Salander is her all time hero and soulmate? Thank you Frankfurt, Lisbeth Salander and all our talented authors! Roope Lipasti is the winner of Children's LukuVarkaus literary prize.

Roope Lipasti's historical children's novel, The Viking Knothas been selected as the winner of the national Children's LukuVarkaus literary prize.

The prize is remarkable because children select the winner. The child jury justified its selection in the following words: There was enough suspense and the book never became scary.

The book presents the Vikings and the peaceful Castle Hill residents in an accurate historical environment. The Decent Ingredient receives fantastic reviews. The Decent Ingredient is an exhilarating praise for gastronomy […] In the novel, food means everything. It reflects love, freedom, life, joy and fears, it contains secret messages, and makes The Decent Ingredient such a dazzling and enchanting book that I can easily declare that I have just read one of the best Finnish novels of the year.

And she does not fail you this time, either. The Paulo coelho massans stora internationella stjarna Ingredient is a multi-layered story that must be carefully read, up until the last clause, in order to understand everything that Parkkinen is telling us. Luxus by Milja Kaunisto sold to Poland. The events take place in Paris during the French revolution, at the end of the 18th century. It mightily coexists with a skilful depiction of time and character Stilton Finland congratulates the author and her publishers!

We also thank Booklab Literary Agency, our trusted partner on the Polish market. The prize has been awarded since It aims to promote knowledge of European literature particularly within the EU member countries, and to encourage the translation of these works into different languages.

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The prize is awarded annually in different member countries. Finland is among the prize countries every three years. The jury's justifications for the selection included Paulo coelho massans stora internationella stjarna following: In a reliable manner, she guides her readers forward, all the way to the very end. Stilton Literary Agency congratulates the author and her publishers! About Sex and Mathematics wins Tulenkantajat export prize. Two Stilton authors nominated for Tulenkantaja prize.

The nominees include two authors represented by Stilton: One of the narrators of the novel is a child whose mother dies suddenly. The novel showcases the absurdity and arbitrariness of life, but also its continuity. The loss of control experienced by the narrator recurs in the setting descriptions.

The novel describes an environment that people have tried to control, but the destruction of which can no longer be stopped. Rauma describes the distinctiveness and diversity of human beings in a refreshing way. The novel chains the reader to the book with its first sentence, which is one of the most startling ones of this literary year. Anomalia by Laura Gustafsson available soon in French. This must be one of the most beautiful covers I've ever seen: The novel will be published in French on 10th of Paulo coelho massans stora internationella stjarna by Grasset.

Paulo coelho massans stora internationella stjarna Life published in Georgian. It's not every day we have the honor of announcing translations in Georgian language.

The translation is by Dimitri Gogolashvili. Stilton congratulates the author, the translator and the publisher MTP. The Girl and the Bomb published in Czech.

And as always with Argo their cover art is in a league of its' own. Is it just me or does this female character own the cover bring Pussy Riot to your minds too? Well, Metro, the main character of the trilogy most certainly matches up to the courage of the famous Russian punk band. The Girl and the Bomb sold to Portugal.

Stilton congratulates the author and all the Portuguese readers who will have the joy of getting to know Metro, one of the coolest protagonists of the Scandinavian crime fiction. Alexandra Salmela's unique debut novel was awarded with Helsingin Sanomat debutant prize in and it has been published in six languages.

The cover below is from the Czech edition. Things that Fall from the Sky nominated for the Finlandia prize. Things that fall from the Sky by Selja Ahava is nominated for the most prestigious Finnish literary prize, Finlandia. Stilton congratulates Selja Ahava.

The winner will be announced on November 26th. Things that fall from the Sky is Paulo coelho massans stora internationella stjarna beautiful and touching story about small miracles and big losses in life. It is a story about a girl who has lost her mother, about a father who has lost his wife.

It is also a story about a woman who wins the lottery jackpot twice and about a man who is hit by lightning four times.

All of them are looking for an explanation for their life. The end result is a touching and magical weave made out of things without words. Lisbeth Salander won me a free table!


Frankfurt Book Fair had a funny competition this year at the Agents' Centre. Agents could choose one of six fictional characters that best describe one's own personality. Among all the participants one agent had a chance to win a free fair table at the agents' centre for Guess which character I chose?

Riky at the Frankfurt Book Fair asked me to Paulo coelho massans stora internationella stjarna a few lines about why I feel so connected with my "soul mate". This is what I wrote: I fell in love with her immediately and admire her with childish admiration. What I love most a about her is her silent and no-nonsense personality. She's not the first one to attack and tries to stay away from trouble.

But make no mistake — you do not mess with Lisbeth or her beloved ones. My authors know that Lisbeth is my hero. They combine solid scientific expertise and research-based facts with fantastical future visions, typical of science fiction.

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Lithium 6 is his first novel to be published in English. It is translated by Owen F. It's the official Metro day today! The novel was published to the Kindle First readers in UK for one month ago to a grand start. Among the international treasures of Amazon: Jari Järvelä and Risto Isomäki.

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