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Nu har jag ett nytt liv i estland


One of the reasons we went to Tallinn was to get the week 20 ultrasound done, where you can scan the organs of your fetus etc. We found a private company, specialized in ultrasounds during pregnancy, in Tallinn and we called them and got an appointment within a week for half the price Euro we would have paid if we had done it in Sweden.

We got a new date of birth and it is now set to 5th of September. This is a correction of six days since the last ultrasound in Torreviejabut only a two day correction if we calculate the birth date from the first day of the last menstruation cycle Ulrika had.

The entrance can be Nu har jag ett nytt liv i estland in the right corner of the picture and inside their is an information desk where you can Nu har jag ett nytt liv i estland for directions. It is really easy to get here from old town in Tallinn buses 5, 17 and 23 are recommended and the journey takes around 30 minutes and tickets can be bought from the driver 2 Euro per ride or buy a QR-code ticket here 1 Euro per ride. His receptionist speaks poor to none English, so we did all of our communications through e-mail and it worked really well.

The waiting room where we could relax after the ultrasound. We are really pleased with all the information we got during the minute long ultrasound and organ screening. Here is a list of the things our doctor examined during the ultrasound: Also, the volume of the amniotic sack and fluid, the placenta, the umbilical cord the blood flowcervix length and distance between the cervix and placenta were measured.

The best things were that everything looked good and that we got to see a 3D picture of our little girl! We paid an extra 15 Euro to get a photo copy of this picture. She was laying really deep down in the pelvis so the measurements on certain structures in the brain had to be performed using the vaginal ultrasound. So how is Ulrika feeling? Interestingly, I now have lower blood pressure than when I got dengue fever and had to have two IV-bags of saline to get my blood pressure up. Apparently this is completely normal during the second trimester, so I rest, drink water and take my supplements and add extra magnesium.

This was the second report of our pregnancy journeywhich just hit the halfway mark. The pregnancy feels more real now after this ultrasound, while before it just felt artificial and unreal. So we are just waiting for the autumn and to have her here with us. We ended up in Tallinn after a short stop in Sweden for family reasons. We went from Barcelona to Sweden and therefore we could take one of the night boats, a. We have been in Tallinn before inbefore we departed on our big journey, so it was familiar grounds to walk on for us.

We had important things to do here, but we also wanted to explore the city, so we used our favorite web site, Atlas Obscurato find interesting and unexpected places to see here.

Estonia blev en ny symbol...

That is how we ended up at the oldest pharmacy still operating in Europe. One night sleeping on the Baltic Sea before arriving to Estonia. Tallinn greeted us with immense fog and we could barely see land while approaching Tallinn.

We walked passed the Opera in Tallinn on our way to our accommodation and they had suitable parking barriers. We found this sign while walking to old town of Tallinn. There is a public wifi available in town, which only works during certain hours of the day.

Livet i Tallinns gamla stad...

The public transportation system in Tallinn is easy to figure out and cheap. We got to old town and now it was time to find the Raeapteek pharmacy museum. We had found the museum through our favorite web site, Atlas Obscura. The Raeapteek has been in business in the same house located at the corner of the town hall square since the early 15th century. The oldest records of the Raeapteek found state that the Raeapteek was already on its third owner in and historians think that the opening year of the pharmacy was around the year Today the Pharmacy is still in business, but it is also a museum that you can enter for Nu har jag ett nytt liv i estland to learn about its history.

A movie, English subtitles can be chosen, about its history is well worth your time in the pharmacy. The family had the business for over years, spanning over 10 generations, from around to Aroundthe Hungarian Johann Burchart moved to Tallinn and he got the chance to lease the pharmacy. Johann Burchart the IV could finally purchase the pharmacy from the city council In Lehbert, communists entered Estonia and the pharmacy was nationalized in when the Soviet Union re-occupied Estonia.

The pharmacy has had a interesting history of products for purchase. Customer have been able to buy mummy juice powder made of oversea mummies mixed with liquidblood-sucking leeches, burnt hedgehogs powder, burnt bees, bat powder, snakeskin potion and unicorn horn powder for treatment of their illnesses through out medieval times. The Raeapteek is conveniently placed right at Town hall Square, where restaurants have their outdoor seating area.

Not so much tourists now, which we like. The town hall in Tallinn was built right next to what was then the Nu har jag ett nytt liv i estland square and the building was completed in Today the market square is called the town hall square.

I början av år har...

We were glad that Ulrika now felt better, because we had things to do here in Tallinn. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Finger, toes and all the organs in the right place.

Measurements of I the brain: Nose bone, distance between the eyes together with checking the lenses and the pupils, and looking for cleft lip and cleft palate, III The spine and all its segments IV the heart the axis, septum, chambers and heart valvesV other organs: Filtration rates in the kidneys, the lung capacity and breathing Esophagus and swallowing function.

Ulrika and Pontus in Greece visiting Acropolis. Nu har jag ett nytt liv i estland to our blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Pontus Twitter My Tweets. Ulrika Twitter My Tweets. Damlandslaget drabbar samman med Estland på bortaplan under lördag eftermiddag. Matchstart Damlandslaget har fått en kanonstart på Silver European League (SEL). Just nu kan du köpa biljetter till halva priset. är det så att Estland har kommit längst även när det gäller att.

Flexibel integration är inte någonting nytt för det europeiska.

Man tror dock att den...

först nu har de baltiska länderna lyckats återuppnå nivån för års brutto- socialt liv. Estland har en betydande textilindustri och textilhantverket är utbrett, i gamla staden finns det väl och togs upp på Unescos lista över världsarvoch är nu i bättre form än någonsin. Det ger en inblick i det hårda livet för esterna förr.