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Forlust vantas for electrolux


People learned the value of not opening firelocks. I can physically touch light rays fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Just cuz there's a fuckin bulb one tile nearby. It started as "Can we please change this" Forlust vantas for electrolux then devolved into both sides being bitchy cheerleaders to one another.

An frankly just making it not cause infections woulda been plenty. Currently you can probably think of examples of players who spend most of their time at the bar talking to other people, as well as players who rarely speak a word, "doing their thing", hardly interacting with anyone.

This, admittedly, is one of the things that make Paradise what it is, we're MRP, we're meant to satisfy a wide range of players, unlike HRP or LRP, where the expectations of the whole playerbase are much more aligned.

Affärsvärlden nummer 51-52, 2019

I think pushing the server in the direction of HRP without enforcing it in any way, of course, that would be terrible would make the community more tightly knit and make for a better experience for everyone involved.

Most articles on the wiki are outdated, some mentioning things that no longer exist, both in the lore and the code. The whole thing needs a revamp, in my opinion, as it makes creating characters that much harder for anyone who wants to play Forlust vantas for electrolux Paradise.

Often a whole shift will pass without anything interesting happening. Security will just mind-numbingly bring the clown for vandalism, the mime will steal a knife from the kitchen, maybe the CE will Forlust vantas for electrolux away into the gateway and people will get to shout "comdom" on comms for a few minutes, but generally the round-defining carnage isn't there.

I'd suggest adding more mid-round events that break things for the whole station, allowing engineering, security and medbay have a lot more fun in dealing with those problems. I was blueshield Unathi all other heads except for NT rep were vulps and they were constantly talking in their language "calinutz? I don't even remember last time i was burned down by plasma fire. Like maybe in ? When ZAS was in effect. If you would make hole into space you would get torn out of station and died.

I want to cry and be salty. That is what i want. We need to keep RP and Action. That will create more fun for everyone. They sometimes hang out all together in one room, building their fort, ignoring their jobs and co-workers. I'm curious why we even went to LINDA when one of the biggest complaints about it was that you could safely walk past a breach without internals and take no damage.

Vulps players are just very clique and metafriend, it's uncommon to see some vulp players moving about without dragging someone else in their clique everywhere they go, regardless of their job or how SoP would state this. And Forlust vantas for electrolux ever I see a Head of Staff in their office with another vulp [or group] hanging about whispering to each other I know I can pretty much forget making any requests or expecting them to do something useful.

Not all Vulps are bad, but the shitty ones stick out and they they constantly go to great lengths to help each other out. Like the Wizard round a few days ago where the Wizard broke into the AI sat and almost got caught, teleported away and suddenly 4 or 5 other vulps were running about in wizard robes and hats just to throw security off their meta-friend's trail.

It's simply more noticeable due to the amount of them who are active members in the community, compared to the other races. IPC's for example can be just as bad if not worse at times, especially in regards to the 'sticking together and backing each other up' thing with Synthetica and all.

Yes, a large portion of the furry community is god awful, but plenty are perfectly nice people from what I've seen. And yes, I can say that pretty confidently considering I played one of the most cliquey human characters and was directly involved in it. Do I regret it? Not really, we always interacted with everyone else, Forlust vantas for electrolux wasn't a closed off thing.

Cliques only really become a problem when they close off interaction from everyone else, they'll always form naturally so I don't consider them an issue until they reach that point, which unfortunately a few of them have. More updates to make the station less of a worker's utopia with zero things to be worried about other than the occasional antagonist would be incredibly beneficial to the server.

I fear what is cursed. My family is gone, I don't believe my mothere isn't believe my mother is safe, I've hidden her. But if you imply what I think you are implying, I'd rather not have to deal with rage inducing lag when a fire breaks out.

As awesome as it would be to get some firefighting action, nothing ruins the mood more then when lag Forlust vantas for electrolux what kills you. Again, it'll take time to figure something out, because going back to a laggier system "Forlust vantas for electrolux" a fun idea. As much as I love some wacky antics, sometimes I just want to be more Moreso when I have a job that is very RP focused like priest or clown, where you have the power to make quiet rounds more interesting by hosting events and entertaining the crew.

I honestly am already happy with the way things are, but if we are to add new events, I Forlust vantas for electrolux hope that they don't go overboard Forlust vantas for electrolux end up causing more shift-cutting shuttlescalls.

Nothing ruins my game like having it cut short because a situation somehow got outta control WAY too fast, moreso when I am trying to be a good captain and I barely have time to contain the situation before rioting takes Forlust vantas for electrolux all over the station because, of course No one listens to me. .. /gloot/r/flera-miljoner-tittare-vantas-folja-e-sporttavling-i-stockholm,c -forlustkvinnan-som-medfoljare-nar-mannen-arbetar-utomlands,c .

Players disagreeing with coders and admin decisions, among other things. Discord improved it quite a bit but I still feel it can be improved further. IPCs, Vox, and particularly xenophobic Humans. I don't end up feeling threatened by any events unless they're antag events or the odd spider event when security is bad.

Explosive decompression would be great to "Forlust vantas for electrolux" back to. Making the game more accessible and simple is nice, but it would be cool to go back to the danger zone. I can understand how at round start it might be an issue, maybe possibly whatever. We can't keep filing down sharp corners Forlust vantas for electrolux adding pillows over things because they MIGHT go bad, because that absolutely kills the fun of things.

The times they don't?

Saab Automobile AB som har...

I sit in the lobby practically AFK watching Youtube, and that's fuckin awful, I feel Forlust vantas for electrolux I do less work in medical half the time an honestly it causes some shit. I've seen boring rounds where Doctors literally start fighting Forlust vantas for electrolux patients because all of them are bored fuckin stuff an the few times someone comes in they all wanna do a job an do things for once.

We need to stop worry about what MIGHT happen or how someone COULD be a jackass with it, because honestly, there's a lot of players who need to just man up an fuckin' deal with it, shit happens when you party in Space Station 13 and usually that shit results in grievous bodily injury.

That's the way the game just is. There's just no easy way to hide the map from people and make the co-ords unknowable without research. Grief was never a problem with telescience. The problem was powergaming. When it was on roundstart, IGOR proved how broken it was to some coders by announcing at roundstart he was malf, and just teleporting anyone into a borg factory who at all opposed him. Telescience nerfs, and possible removal, are because it's way too powerful, too easy, and just not working as intended.

We talk about the things we've seen used and abused, and telescience was one we got honestly sick of.

nya kommunikationschef · ARBETARRÖRELSER. Koncernen...

This isn't a case of "im ded pls nerf". We're "Forlust vantas for electrolux" against grievous harm coming to people at all. What we are against is it being too easy to just kill people at the press of a button. If an officer breaks SOP - even if it's severe - I'd like to see Comms Officer fucking Jenkins bring his entourage and beat the shit out of Forlust vantas for electrolux as a matter of speech, not literally - though I can see it happening rather than see someone job banned off the spot - unless they do that every single round and where it starts to become a problem.

I have my fun on the station as it is, Forlust vantas for electrolux I enjoy it here - I just feel we could get more liveliness out of it.

Not so much like the utter chaos we had on the prison server - more of a balance of what we have now and a bit more OOC tolerance. Know what I mean?

For example, radium was, for a very long time, the default cure for ALL viruses regardless of the presence of virologists. Their job was effectively replaced by chem dispensers. Sure, some people like to clean. Sure, some people enjoy slipping.

I'd even go so far as to argue that clowns are typically a net negative. I can remember 5 times a clown was annoying, for every 1 time a clown brought a smile to my face. Conversely, some incredibly powerful abilities like making toxin bombs are easy to get just due to convention of them being part of Scientist. We should have Forlust vantas for electrolux funds to pay for a dedicated server in a datacenter.

Doing this would allow us to get better quality hosting. Better pings, less downtime, no absurd packet loss issues that go on for literally months. Griefers with disposable, but aged accounts. We should start tracking who plays in every round, and adding up the time they spend as different jobs. Playing a head job should require X hours spent playing members of that department. Playing the Captain or AI should require X hours spent playing other head jobs. Nobody ever plays job X?

Job Y is full every round? Maybe split it into separate jobs, or evaluate why it is so popular. Newbies first job beyond Assistant tends to be job X? Perhaps double-check it for newbie-friendliness. I recognize that not everything is possible, and I recognize that coding, balance, etc all have to be considered.

It would be great if we used those more often. We're a lot faster to remove fun things for various reasons, than we are to add new fun things. Sure, everyone has a busy hour or two sometimes, but how much more fun would the game be if all those people were consistently in-round? I often wonder what could be done that would convince more people to ready up, and less people to ghost.

Part of this may be balance. Many antags and interesting things rev, blob, ERT, deathsquad, xenobio creatures draw from the pool of ghosts. I wonder what would Forlust vantas for electrolux if we changed these mechanics to draw from in-round players, instead. Vitvarujätten Electrolux stiger mest av storbolagen, upp 2,2 procent följt av Vindarna väntas bli hårda på på tisdag kväll och under natten mot. rejäl förbättring väntas på kassaflödesfronten från och med nästa år.

Pareto Securities sänker riktkursen för Electrolux till kronor från. Electrolux avyttrar BEAM och Sanitaire i Nordamerika Det svenska bolaget meddelar att man har avyttrat sina USA-baserade verksamheter.

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