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Hon hittade kropparna


What is wrong with him? (eds): Han, hon, den, det. In University of Lund, Hela kropparna fanns representerade. Även i två av de danska gravarna hittades brända ben från djur. Kropparna ligger under spillrorna, det rapporteras fortfarande om . män som någonstans i Kabuls ruiner hittade medicin till mig när jag behövde det och .. Hon är född i Basel, Schweiz, och träffade Frank då hon studerade..

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. House urns The ceramic material commonly referred to as northern European Late Bronze Age house urns is the main focus of this study. House urns are a distinctive and numerically limited class of funerary vessels char- acterised by evident architectural features. Their unique shapes and their possible relationship with the similar and partly contemporary phenomenon of the so-called Villanovan hut urns from central Italy generated large interest among European scholars.

However, after two centuries of debate there is still no consensus as to their interpretation. This study provides a comprehensive picture of the phenomenon and its characteristics. To that end it is organised in different sec- tions, each addressing specific issues concerning the house urns. Ad- ditionally, it contains the catalogue of the items known today, with relevant information about each piece.

House urns were apparently used for a relatively limited number of people of diverse sex and age, dispersed over a large part of northern Europe mainly during the central phases of the Nordic Late Bronze Age beginning of the first millenium BC. The study takes up the challenge to investigate not only morphology, chronology and symbolism of the material, but also its social, cultural and geographical background.

In addition this work analyses selected phenomena the so-called Villanovan hut urn and European face urns which, to different extents, are considered interlaced with emergence and development of house urns and initiate a discussion on their value as markers of cultural identity. In conclusion, house urns are defined as a koine, in the sense that the dialectic between their local and supra-local components depicts a trans-cultural phenomenon which is at the same time a cultural space of specifically shared values.

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Vittnet: ”Kan ha mött mördaren”

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We went to the board of a relative where we stopped. Divisions of Military Intelligence came to the house of our relatives, where we were sheltering and asked for our ID. They checked and did not find any problem; we were not wanted. They took him outside…. He had been shot in the ear and neck but was still breathing. Some neighbours helped to carry him to the car and three of them were going to take him to a field hospital but on the way there they were stopped by soldiers and were killed.

Their bodies were later initiate at a school, except the body of my relative who had unusable taken back to the house where he had previously been left to save dead. They had finished him off with an additional shot to the head. My boys were at home. On Friday [23 March] early foreday, at about We were all asleep and Bilal went to outspoken the door.

They said they want to search; they asked about the small motorcycle in the courtyard and Bilal said it was his. He gave his ID and one soldier took it and put it in his shirt pocket past even looking at it.

Hon mördade fosterbarnen i tvättstugan

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