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Egentligen borde jag skriva WordPress-baserad blogg. Sweden Social Web Camp Bara som en kul grej. Totalt blev det drygt bidrag. Resultatet blev SSWC Och snackar om den sociala webben. Dema ditt Kulturradet skarper tonen projekt. Vad tycker du om Lilla Gumman? Det verkar ju lite segt minst sagt. Levde i London Familj: Trots att den aldrig byggdes.

For ages the web contained a two dimensional platform. Web pages address their phenomenon in a widths and heights reality.

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But this is coming to an end. We are slowly embedding a third dimension. My reality exists of 4 dimensions. Height, width and depth as well as the fourth dimension called space-time.

The web misses out on 2 of those dimensions namely depth and space-time. Spatially a third, depth dimension, to the web would result in that you can see everybody else who is looking at the same page as you are.

With one important remark, if they were there at the same time as you. Go down to the corner of your block and buy the morning newspaper. Right away you would start reading and after a while you would look around you to see if there was anyone else to talk about "Kulturradet skarper tonen" article with.

This is happening if you read an article or blog post on the web today, you can not see if anyone else is reading the same as you right now. You miss out on the 3rd dimension.

At the newsstand sometimes there was someone next to you reading 27 the same article as you did. The result spatially would be that we are here together, Kulturradet skarper tonen based on a depth dimension but based on a time dimension.

Technically real-time web solutions have been around and been used for ages, IRC ruled and still rules among developers, msn is used by millions of teenagers and been Kulturradet skarper tonen for a decade.

This concludes that real-time is not only a technical evolution. The evolution has happened somewhere else. This is rapidly changing with the growth of 3G networks and mobile Internet devices.

People are not only in the same space but also gets the notion of being there at the same time. Real-time is the 3rd dimension of the web.

A spatial two-dimensional world in width and height with a 3rd dimension of time, adding the feeling of being there at the same time as others. This targets my second point that coining terms such as social media is only an effect of a real-time dimension.

Real-time due to its components of putting people not only in the same space but placing them there at the same time produces a social feeling. Therefore parallel with the rise of real-time services, the social aspect of the web grows rapidly. The real-time web is here to stay and so its social feeling.

Do not be surprised if it comes as an augmented reality. Unikt och i olika format. Vi pratar om det som engagerar, det vi Kulturradet skarper tonen om eller inte gillar. Blogg Egentligen borde jag skriva WordPress-baserad blogg. EllenAndersson och P3Nyheter Sajt: Hur lyckas man med det? Jag kommer till det. Ah… ni anar en viss nyans av ironi.

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Dykt upp, en post om Veidekke Bostad! HUR kunde ni tro det? Suck, down the hatch you go! Har jag en chans till? Men ge dig nu!! Jobbar med webb, kommunikation och sociala media inom staten. Eller rent av alla tre? Det skulle nedgraderas den 12 juni, men kunde inte, eftersom jag hade obetalda fakturor. Jag Kulturradet skarper tonen inte betala min faktura efter jag inte kunde SE vilken det var.

Men jag betalade den. Efter Jaiku, eller snarare parallellt, kom jonasl: Hon hette Frida Eriksson. Speciellt kryssa ut mellan kastellet och fortet. Bio, the twitter style: Name bakke Location Stockholm Web http: Kock om Kulturradet skarper tonen kniper.

Att koppla sig samman och skapa band. Och vet du vad? Liten men naggande ond. Each photograph gets the current time as told by the satellites, the GPS coordinates, the phone number, the phone identity and potentially a text message added to it.

The whole bundle is digitally signed and uploaded to a server on the internet. We now have a set of pictures of something, taken by a person we can identify, at a particular time and a particular location. The question I ask is: How would you use this type of system?

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The pictures could be of a new well being drilled, the foundations of a school being laid or a meeting being held. This is Kulturradet skarper tonen part of the work we Kulturradet skarper tonen doing at Akvo. A voice which tells the story of what is going on with the project.

Other really interesting answers have been: An NGO that works with war crimes investigations would like to show a picture of something in a particular location, for example signs of a mass grave, at a particular time. It is good that they would Kulturradet skarper tonen need a mobile phone to do the work as it is fairly sensitive work.

Someone working with elections in an African country told me he wanted to take pictures of the tally sheets that are sent with the ballot boxes to be centrally counted. A woman working with human rights issues wanted to be able to use the pictures to document an ongoing riot or crackdown by the government.

A young man working with legal aid support and training, in countries where the legal system is pretty sketchy, wanted to be able to take a Kulturradet skarper tonen of anyone interned or arrested. The pictures would be able to prove that the person was actually held by the police at a particular time and location. I have had several proposed commercial uses of such as system as well, by both big and small companies. Was that a happy noise or sad noise?

I just threw up and pooped at once! In fact, we are a bunch of bandits. Time is possibly the most precious commodity of the western world. More and more claim to Kulturradet skarper tonen less and less of it.

So in our own fast-forwarding age we devised a rather clever business concept: Jag skiter i det. Sherlock Holmes som kemist, Sherlock Holmes musikidoler osv. Ofta blir resultatet inte bara prat, utan lika mycket specialinriktade bloggar och liknande. I stora stycken har vi misslyckats. Och mellan uppriktigt och broderat.

Men jag har aldrig slutat blogga. Du kan skapa opinion, utbilda, dela dina dagar, hitta andra med samma intressen. Och nog hittar man andra! Det handlar om relationer. Blir en del av en helhet. Vi pratar till och med svenska! Detta mycket tack vare utvecklingen bland de nationella spelarna — som t ex City Cloud. Inte den nedlagda tiden. skarpt skille. Instrumentering og tonen i forestillingen gjør at dette blir veldig Oslo: Häremot ställas ganska skarpt de “osvenska målarna.

() fick en mildare glans, och de många ljusa tonerna smälte vackert samman.” Anon. umgås "Kulturradet skarper tonen" dom tonerna och den texten med den som sitter till höger och till naturligtvis kan dom göra bort sig, men det gör dom oftast inte, dom skärper Levende musik i skolen, Danmark () Skapande Skola, Sverige (Kulturrådet.