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National Institute Scb fortsatt minskning Statistics NIS is responsible for the National Statistical System in Cambodia, which is key to inform and improve government work, public policy, financial management, particularly the budgeting process, and monitoring and evaluation of public policies. As Cambodia moves towards a performance informed budgeting it will be increasingly important to have capacity to demonstrate actual impact of policies by the use of statistics.

Further support is however required to improve the quality and timeliness of economic and financial Scb fortsatt minskning data and to allow NIS to guide the development of statistical systems at sector level. The overall objective of the intervention is "Improved quality of National Statistics to inform government economic and budget decisions".

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In order to reach the overall objective, the following eight outcome objectives have been identified: GDP and National Accounts are produced with increased relevance and reliability.

National accounts are produced in accordance with UN quality standards. Business register for Economic Sample survey in place. Economic statistics produced with higher quality. Awareness and knowledge built on statistics among stakeholders for increased accountability. The current reporting period reflects progress made during Economic Statistics The National Accounts was published as planned in October but further improvements in the quality of statistics are needed. To do this, a new base-level will be set to include datasets from External Trade in goods data, household socio-economic survey data, trade in services and government data and interim economic survey data.

Work is currently on-going to compile a manual for methods and sources for the new compilation system. Much Scb fortsatt minskning has already been made in improving input data, but in order to make further improvements it is vital to introduce more regular data concerning businesses, e. Better volume calculations of GDP Scb fortsatt minskning develop production of producer price indexes is also needed as well as a rebasing index reference period of the NA.

Cambodia has a decentralized statistical system. Meaning that aside from NIS, also other actors ministries and agencies are responsible for collecting and producing data. A strengthened collaboration between these government ministries and agencies on the use of administrative data sources for statistical production will decrease Scb fortsatt minskning response burden and better meet the users need. At the same time, the costs for statistical production for government to produce data will be lowered.

It is therefore important that cooperation and coordination takes place within the national statistical system. However, a large challenge for this to happen is the low level of understanding within other parts of government outside of NIS of what statistics is and why it is important for decision-makers.


In order to address this and to strengthen government ministries and agencies knowledge of statistics, Statistics Sweden held a two week training course Scb fortsatt minskning 14 line ministries on how a statistical survey is conducted STAC. The training was well received and many commented in the course evaluation that they believed the course was relevant for their work and that they will be Scb fortsatt minskning to apply the new knowledge in their work.

The training will be repeated in for the remaining line ministries who are members of the statistical advisory council, GDT and NIS staff. The ambition is that NIS staff themselves will be able to hold such training course in the future and therefore special emphasis is put on training NIS staff. Another Scb fortsatt minskning part of this objective is to disseminate existing statistics to the public by using the official web site of NIS in a more active manner.

In line with this, the website of NIS was updated more frequently during with various statistics publications produced by NIS.

In order to improve the handling of the website further, a publishing team was established within NIS with members from all departments who produce and c. Statistiska centralbyrån (SCB) förutspår att Södermanlands befolkning kommer att i båda årskurserna, men störst minskning fanns i årskurs 2.

. Fram till talets mitt har ökningen fortsatt förutom när det gäller sömnbesvär (enligt. intervjuer genomförs i samarbete med SCB, Tillväxtverket och Visita, framför allt i syfte att . Detta inkluderar ökning eller minskning av kapacitet ( . själva samlat in som skickas vidare till Visita för fortsatt användning i analyser (Visita.

Statistiken har producerats av SCB,...

der samma indelning, baserat på SCB:s gruppe- Fortsatt minskning sedanbland både tjejer och killar samt yngre och äldre unga.


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